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Electric Blankets Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a new electric blanket you may want to spend a minute of your time looking at these important points before placing your order.

Which size blanket do I choose?
Measure your bed, really.. get a tape measure and physically get the dimensions, all manufacturers have slightly different opinions of what a blankets size actually is (and it may differ from the actual size of your bed)

What options do I need?
Your first thought should be what you need the blanket to offer but does the person next to you want the same? lets say your cold but your partner isn’t if you put the blanket on that may cause a problem! so look for blankets that come with dual controls, timers & heat settings these are the most important features a blanket can offer Blanket Faster Sleep Natural┬áB07KPVMDQ7.

Do I really need to save a few pence?
This is only a question you can answer but I would suggest you think long term, you may be able to save a few pence by purchasing the blanket really cheap at that discount store but what happens if it goes wrong will they help you sort it out? Spending that little bit more is worth it if you get the followup service, you may think you won’t need it but what if you do?

Is the blanket as good as they say it is?
Forget the sales pitch, find out what the blanket has to offer and then read reviews from real people, they have already bought the blanket and have spent their time letting you know how good or bad it is, real people make real honest personal assessments – remember these guys are not selling you the product.

What benefits will I receive if I buy an electric blanket?
The main benefit everyone gets when they buy an electric blanket is warmth and plenty of it, but another great benefit you probably didn’t realise is that heat actually soothes aches and pains! Not only that but because your warm in bed and your aches and pains are being melted away you actually get a great night’s sleep!

Are electric blankets safe?
Yes, new blankets are very safe even more so if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Electric heated blankets are only unsafe when they are very old, worn out, torn or have had some rough treatment in their lives if this is the state of your current blanket contact your local council for a free health check.

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