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What Are Diabetic Socks?

What exactly are diabetic socks? What’s so special about them?

Diabetic socks are hosiery designed specifically for those suffering from diabetes. They are made specifically to aid in the problems that diabetics suffer from. These socks improve blood circulation in the feet and helps to prevent and protect your feet from complications such as infections and foot sores. They are made with special features that help do so Socks for Athletic, Edema, Diabetic B07JVCZXTZ.

Most complications from diabetes involve the feet and legs. In addition, they get a lot of wear and tear from all the walking and running we do. Diabetes can cause poor blood circulation in the feet and legs, damage to the nerves, and the inability to fight infections that may be caused by abrasions to the feet.

Diminished blood circulation in the foot can make it hard for the body to fight infections. Infection can cause further troubles by driving the blood sugar levels higher. In addition, high blood sugar can make infections worse.

Diabetic socks can help prevent many of these problems. They are non-binding in fit. In other words, they have a loose fit that is able to stretch out further than normal socks. This is what helps to improve circulation. In addition, the sock soles have a thicker padding. The toe area of the socks usually have no seams or very smooth seams to prevent abrasions. Lastly, the material usually consists of a cotton blend so that the feet can breath and also wick away sweat.

Diabetic socks are a must for those suffering from diabetes to prevent foot complications.

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